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What to Wear for Fall Family Photos | Arlington Heights Family Photographer

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

A question that clients commonly ask me is "What should we wear for our session?" I recently asked myself the same thing as I am planning a session for my family too! Here's some session planning tips to help you style your next photo shoot.

Complimentary Colors

Gone are the days of everyone wearing the same white shirt and jeans combo. Wearing colors that compliment one another are the way to go. Colors that look great for fall photos are - you guessed it - fall colors! Get inspired by nature with warm tones of burgundy, purples, teal green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange. If you're not digging the fall palette - no problem. As long as the colors compliment one another, you do your thing! Start with one outfit and build the rest from there. Jeans and leggings work well for fall bottoms. If these photos are going up on your wall to be displayed, you might want to consider outfits that work with the colors in your living room as well. Check out clothing stores like Target and Old Navy that tend to sell color coordinating collections for the kids.

Palatine Family Photographer
Khakis, beige, browns, and burgundy create a lovely complimentary palette of colors

Arlington Heights Family Photographer
Burgundy blazer for a pop of color with dark blues and khaki

Easy on the Patterns

If done correctly, patterns can add a great pop to your photos. If you choose to include patterns, limit these articles of clothing to 1 or 2 people in the group max (1 can be more bold and the other more subtle). Try to find a pattern that compliments the colors that others are wearing in the photo. Patterns can easily become a distracting element in photos so less is more. Plaid is a good pattern for fall and winter. Stay away from loud prints like zebra, cheetah, neon, etc. Patterns also look nice as an accessory (like a scarf) rather than a shirt or pants.

Mount Prospect Family Photographer
Fall inspired colors and one person wearing pattern that ties everyone's outfits together.
Schaumburg Family Photographer
Mustard and burgundy are great choices for fall outfits colors.

Baby It's (Getting) Cold Outside

Okay so it's not winter yet but Chicagoland fall weather can be chilly!! If your family is cold, it will show in the photos (think red noses and stiff poses). Wear layers, sweaters, and outwear like a blazer or vest to beat the chill. Sweaters and jackets can add texture to photos which is a nice touch.

Sweaters and vests keep you warm while adding texture to your photos.

Accessories & Shoes

Shoes are often overlooked in the session planning department but it can really put together an outfit. It's important to consider comfort since you will be walking around in a park or forest. Boots, flats, and dress casual shoes are great choices for fall family photos. Steer clear of gym shoes, sandals, and pumps for this one. Top off your look with a couple of accessories as a way to add personal flair or a pop of color. Some examples of accessories might include scarves, jewelry, hats, and hair pieces.

Jackets and sweaters add texture. Boots and casual shoes polish the look.

There you have it, folks. I hope you find this info helpful when planning your family session. I'm looking forward to taking some awesome photos of you and your family!


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