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Arlington Heights Branding Photographer | 6 Must Have Photos For Every Business Website

Within a few seconds, a potential client can gauge the appeal of your brand and whether or not they will take a closer look around your website. Your business website is often one of the first impressions a potential client gets for who you are, what your company can offer, and whether you would be a consideration for hire. As the demand for visual marketing is increasing, have you ever thought about what your website is showcasing for your business?

Business clients often contact me to inquire about photos for their website or social media but they are not sure what types of photos they are really looking for. For ideas on how to define your brand and showcase this in your images, CLICK HERE. In creating a visually impactful website or social media presence, I've found several must have photos that every business should have as detailed below. In addition, I'll also be listing suggestions for how to assess your current website to figure out which updates would work best for you.


You are the face of your business and so we want to see it! Headshots are a classic way to show you and your team and that never goes out of style. Traditionally, these photos are taken from the bust up on a plain background. If you want all your team member portraits to have the same look, this is a good option. Headshots can be used for website, social media, LinkedIn, publications, business cards, and more. For some ideas on what to wear for your headshot or branding session, CLICK HERE.

Personal Branding Corporate Photographer Headshot Arlington Heights Illinois
Personal Branding Corporate Photographer Headshot Arlington Heights Illinois

Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle portraits are less formal than headshots and can show more length of the torso. They tend to have a more candid feel and can take place in a variety of settings to include your place of business. These photos are a great way to show your personality so potential clients can get a feel for who you are. Props can be added and may include items such as a computer, notebook, or company product.

Personal Branding Corporate Photographer Arlington Heights Illinois

Personal Branding fitness Photographer Arlington Heights Illinois

Team Photos

If your potential clients may working with more than 1 person while in contact with your business, it is recommended to have a team photo that shows everyone who is a part of your business together. If there are different teams, please write a shot list of the different combinations that need to be taken and who is in each. An example of where you might consider putting a more formal team photo on your website might be on the "about us" page or on a "contact" page. You can learn more about less formal team photos under "Action Photos" below.

Personal Branding Corporate Photographer Arlington Heights Illinois

Personal Branding Corporate Photographer Arlington Heights Illinois

Action Photos

Action photos capture you and your team involved in staged activities. The photos are documentary and should tell a story of what some common activities in your business look like day to day. If you sell a product, your action photos could chronicle the production of your merchandise from start to finish. If your team collaborates on projects together, you might want to stage a meeting of everyone working collaboratively. If your business is service based, action photos should include mock clients as well so that potential clients can see what it would look like from the client's perspective to work with you. These types of photos should be planned in advance and relayed to your photographer before your session. Other considerations on location should include where the photos will take place, what is visible in the background of the scene being set up, which props will be used, and who will be present.

Personal Branding Corporate Photographer Arlington Heights Illinois

Personal Branding Corporate Photographer Arlington Heights Illinois

Business Location

If you have a business location or office where your clients will be meeting with you, it is advisable to have photos of the exterior and interior of your work space. Potential clients want to see a comfortable and inviting space that they can see themselves going to.

Products Or Details

If you have a service based business, you may not think that you would need detail photos. They are a great way to have a well rounded website or social media presence in addition to all the other photo must haves here. Detail photos are versatile and can be used to add visuals anywhere on your website or social media. If you have a product based business, it is a must to show the products you are selling from different angles and with different scenes / props.

Example for service based businesses: Details may include close ups of items in your office, items you use day to day in your business, or awards / trophies related to your business.

Personal Branding Corporate Photographer Arlington Heights Illinois

Bonus: Social Media Considerations

Photos for social media should include a combination of all the photos types mentioned above as well as events or behind the scenes type of photos related to your business. If you are having a presentation or gala for your business, make sure to have these photos documented by a professional photographer that knows how to manage low lighting situations that are common at most indoor venues. My clients have told me that their professional photos on social media get more likes and comments than their cell phone or amateur posts. Your audience is drawn to high quality content and images and they will keep coming back to see more.

Corporate Event Photography Business Photographer Arlington Heights Illinois

Corporate Event Photography Business Photographer Arlington Heights Illinois

How To Assess Your Website Photo Needs

If you already have a website or are in the process of creating one, doing an assessment of your web pages will help you to evaluate specific photos you may want to include in your photo session shot list. I recommend that my clients go through their website one page at a time and look for areas that pictures can be replaced or added.

Some examples of web page specific photos may include:

- "About Me" should show you with traditional headshots, team photos, or lifestyle portraits

- "Services" page may include photos of products or in action photos

- "Testimonials" page might include staged client interaction photos in between client reviews to break up all the text with something visually appealing that ties into the topic of the page.

Preparing For Your Branding Session

Once you've assessed areas where your website could use updating, it is time to create a list of photos to assist in maximizing your branding session results. While I love to use my creativity to get visually interesting and dynamic photos, it is best to have a clear vision of what you want your end result to look like. The more specifics you can provide about what types of photos you want and for which page on your website you would like to use them, the better I can customize your session to make sure you are getting the photos you need. Please keep in mind to relay an website size specifications for any specific photo taken. I strongly recommend submitting a photo shot list for me to stage specific in action photos with locations, team member configurations, and /or detail photos you would like taken.

Example: A client informed me before the session that one of her must have photos was a banner photo for the top of her webpage. She wanted it to fit the standard banner photo size with specifications relayed to me beforehand. Her request was to showcase the buildings in the background so that her team was smallest in the scene. This type of planning and communication with me is the best way to build your website vision.

I can't wait to hear more about your plans for your business website. To discuss your specific needs and for session planning assistance, please contact me.


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