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I was a bride myself 10 years ago, so I get it. As a wedding photographer, I look back on my own wedding day and wonder what my experience as a bride taught me that might help my brides. In honor of my 10th wedding anniversary today, I am sharing with you a couple of things I learned from my wedding day as you prepare for yours.

'Twas the Night Before - My Wedding Day!!

I chose to have a low key evening at home with my maid of honor the night before my wedding. The excitement kept me feeling awake; however, I understood how important it was to be as well rested before the big day as I could be so I hit the hay at a reasonable time. As a wedding photographer, I can tell you your wedding day will likely be an action packed day and you'll be tired at the end of the night. Get in your zzz's so you can feel your best.

Embrace The Unexpected

Every bride spends months preparing for her special day and wants it to be perfect. This was me too! Most weddings have something that doesn't go as planned. The good news is it is usually something small or something that can be worked around. As a wedding photographer, occasionally we have to change our photo plans due to weather for example. If you have an outdoor venue, this is something you should plan for with the venue and photographer just in case. On my wedding day, there was an issue with the floral delivery to the venue as I was getting ready. The important thing is to designate someone (like a family member, maid of honor, or hire an event coordinator) who can quickly manage anything that comes up so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

To Look Or Not To Look - That Is The Question

Now this one is totally a personal choice. Would you rather see your hubby-to-be before the ceremony or have him first see you when you're walking down the aisle? I enjoyed the excitement and anticipation of seeing my husband as I walked down the aisle towards him. First looks weren't really a thing back 10 years ago. In hindsight, I personally think a first look would have fit into our day better. As a wedding photographer, I like the intimacy of a first look. I think it helps calm those pre-ceremony nerves as well. It's a quiet moment for just the two of you to soak in all the big feels and love before the busy day begins.

Bring Your Dancin' Shoes

It's time to dance the night away but those cute shoes are killing your feet! What's a girl to do? After the first dance, I spent the rest of my wedding reception bare foot. If I knew then what I know now, I would have brought along some white flats or flip flops. If your wedding is in the winter like mine was, bring a pair of white or light colored boots for walking to and from venues or through outdoor locations in the snow. You won't see the boots under your dress and your feet will stay warm.

Looking Back

All the planning and preparation is over and so your wedding day comes to an end as well. It is such a memorable and special day in your life. Looking back on it 10 years later, nothing makes the day come back to life like my wedding photos. I am so happy we got a wedding album! It really made me smile today to be able to see everything again how it was. Confession: I totally forgot what my wedding cake looked like and when I was looking through my album today I was like "oh yeah, that's what it looked like!". The day ends but your wedding photos should still hold all the smiles, emotions, and love that you experienced on your wedding day. Your wedding day starts a new chapter in your life. My greatest wish for your marriage is to grow together in love always.

Me on my wedding day (photo taken with a phone from my album - digitals weren't a thing back then)

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