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Unless you've been living under a rock, chances are you've heard about the royal wedding last weekend. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wed on May 19th, 2018 in a ceremony that made us all want to be princesses for a day (or longer). A girl could get used to some royal treatment, am I right?

The official royal wedding photos were published a couple of days ago and I'm here today to write about their photos from a photographer's perspective. Prince Harry and Meghan's official wedding photos were photographed by Alexi Lubomirski. So how does a photographer land such an incredible wedding? Lubomirski is of Polish royalty and spent a lot of his childhood in Botswana which happens to be a special place in Prince Harry and Meghan's relationship. Their photographer also uses his royal status to do charity work worldwide. Do you see the similarities here? It seems natural that Prince Harry and Meghan would want to work with Lubomirski. It doesn't hurt that he has a star-studded portfolio having photographed Beyonce, Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston and the likes.

Copyright Alexi Lubomirski

The photo above is the official family portrait from Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding. This photo is a drastic shift from previous royal wedding portraits. This photo has a more relaxed, less traditional, and more contemporary vibe. Lubomirski commented that he bribed the children with candy to get them all to cooperate as it was rather chaotic getting everyone to cooperate. I'd say it got the job done!

Copyright Mario Testino

Can you spot the differences between Prince Harry's family portrait and his brother Prince William's family portrait? For one, it appears to me that Prince Harry's portrait was taken using natural light and Prince William's was taken with off camera lighting. Upon comparison, I think the more relaxed nature of Prince Harry's portrait is evident from the more traditional line up that Prince William did for his portrait. Staggering the wedding party by using different heights and poses is a more contemporary style in wedding photography than the uniform look.

Copyright Alexi Lubomirski

When you look at this photo of Prince Harry and Meghan on the stairs, what is the first thing you notice? Some will say it is the genuine moment this photo conveys in it's candidness. Others notice that Prince Harry's hand is cut out of the photo. As a photographer, this is what I think of it. I love the moment he captured here. You can feel the joy and it makes you wonder what Meghan is looking at and what is so funny. Sometimes in order to capture a fleeting moment in time, you won't be able to compose a photo as if it were completely staged. Think of how quickly a groom can shed away a rouge tear at the altar while his wife reads her vows to him. That moment lasts a few seconds. In that time, I think it is most important to capture it for the value of the emotions it conveys. In Lubomirski's case, it meant cropping out Prince Harry's hand to get this photo. Who knows? Maybe it was an intentional crop to keep Prince Harry's special beverage out of the photo.

Copyright Yui Mok

The photo above is my favorite that has been released from the royal wedding. Some have dubbed it "Diana's View" as a homage to Prince Harry's mother watching the wedding from heaven. I like this photo because it is intriguing. The vantage point is unique as associate photographer Yui Mok is looking down and photographing from above. With their heads turned, it begs the question "what are they looking at?" Cross referencing the other photos taken during their carriage ride, we know Prince Harry and Meghan are looking at the crowds as they go by. Imagine the story being told just from the perspective of this photo if we didn't have that additional information. Also, their bodies are positioned in a way that they are forming a heart with their arms leading to the bottom point. How cute!

Copyright Ben Stansall/WPA Pool/Getty Images

It didn't feel right to end this post without a kiss. Isn't this the moment we were all waiting for last Saturday? In conclusion, I like the more contemporary style Lubomirski brought to Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding photos. It fits Prince Harry and Meghan's personality as they are setting a new precedent for the British royal family. My best wishes to the royal couple! Cheers, mates!

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